Environmentally Friendly.

           Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.


As an American furniture manufacturer for over 60 years, we have been implementing
green practices before it was even fashionable. From a dust collection system in 1954
to today’s UV high-tech finishing system, we have taken every effort to be environmentally
friendly as we feel it is our responsibility for the future of our earth. As a leader in our
industry, our selection of wood furniture is the most reasonable and environmentally friendly
choice available.

With the rise in steel prices and the sensitivity to being “green”, Savoy Furniture
believes that wood is the smarter choice for your furniture needs. Wood is a renewable
resource and requires less energy than most to process into finished products. Wood is
also low in toxicity and completely biodegradable. Wood enhances thermal
performance and interior acoustics while providing long-term performance and
durability. Additional advantages of wood products include:

  • Readily Available
  • Strength and Rigidity Properties
  • Cost-Competitiveness Relative to Other Products
  • Long-Term Performance and Durability
  • Environmental Merits

Our Use of Veneer Core Plywood

Our use of veneer core plywood in place of solid wood panels in manufacturing
minimizes the effect on the environment by providing a more complete use of the
harvested tree. Trees used for veneer application extends the utilization by as
much as 16 times more than solids applications. By extending the use through
plywood manufacturing, future generations will be able to harvest trees and use
them in similar manners. In addition to the environmental benefits of using
plywood, the following advantages are apparent:


Pound for pound, plywood has proven stronger than steel in static bending strength.
It’s the unique cross-layered structure that makes the plywood strong. Plywood has
been used for  structural integrity and durability for over 2,000 years.


Plywood is highly impact resistant and resists cracking in dry environments.
Plywood is seven times more resistant to thickness swell when exposed to high
levels of humidity and will return to its original dimensions when it dries.

Environmental Certifications

Savoy Furniture is recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental
Protection with a Synthetic Minor Operating Permit for our reduction of Volatile
Organic Compounds (VOCs) through our utilization of:

UV Finishing System

The installation of a technologically advanced ultraviolet (UV) finishing system that
does not produce any substantial VOCs and which provides a material transfer rate
from application to finished product in excess of 99%. We have modified our
manufacturing process to enhance our products with the epoxy acrylate finish.

Staining Materials

Stains used in finishing products are water based which reduces VOCs by as much as 90% or more.


Quality wood glues are specifically designed to penetrate the fibers of the wood, adding
strength and durability to the bonded joint. Savoy’s adhesives are a water-based polyvinyl
acetate emulsion that have a very low level of VOCs and do not contain any formaldehyde
or urea-formaldehyde.