A Splash of Color

It is widely known that color affects student attitudes, behaviors, and learning.  Blue is cooling and can aid concentration while green can be very relaxing.  Yellow can be cheerful and stimulating, like the sun.  Red is exciting and stimulates the brain, but has an aggressive quality. All of these properties can change quickly with differing tones, but this gives you an idea of how powerful they can be!

Much has been written about how the design and condition of the physical environment may effect student achievement and so schools are placing more emphasis on enhancing the facility to improve student performance.  Furniture is major ingredients in establishing a positive learning environment.

Furniture personalizes a school, enhances the educational environment and helps control long-term maintenance/operation costs.  Selecting complimentary finishes and fabrics on a desk or lounge chair helps make your residence hall “come alive”.  Utilizing color laminates on the desktops, chests, or nightstands provides many options for coordinating your design.  Choose from our nine finish options and hundreds of fabrics to create the right experience for your students.

color wheel