Heavy Duty Smart Bed, twin

  • Product Number: VB3875
  • Frame: Solid Hardwood
  • Dimensions: 80.25 x 41.5 x 36
  • Weight: 92 lbs

The Smartest Bed of all…this bed has passed the 3FNE 99-582D test.

A proactive  approach to fall prevention, more  flexible, tooless and heavy duty rated.  Metal channel inserts allow for a safe range of 7 height adjustments and is interchangeable with your existing Versa or Flex-O-Bed ends.  The perfect solutions for durable military housing bunk beds.


Magnify storage and provide soldiers with the advantage of organization through the  addition of  under bed storage space created by Jr Lofting.   Establish two sleeping areas and 63 ft of storage room all within 21 sq ft space.


A powerful design, the new Smart Bed is fully interchangeable with our Versa or Flex-O-Beds while maintaining a maximum Jr Loft position of 30”.

Anti-Bed Bug

The ultra snug-fit recessed steel inserts, combined with an “L” channel frame sinuous spring and an inverted seam mattress all work together to ensure your bed is a “no hide zone” for insects.

Reduce Liability

Proactively prevent injuries by using the Smart Bed to limit the height of the sleep surface to safely under 30”. In situations where beds will be bunked or lofted, our newly designed semi-permanent guard and safety rails are a brilliant way to keep occupants safe.


Convert the Smart Bed from a single bed, to Jr Lofted, to bunked to high lofted, all without the use of tools.

Safety/guard rails are suggested when bunking beds or lofting over 30″ high.